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New IL Master Farmers inducted today

A new crop of Illinois Master Farmers are being inducted today (THU).

Holly Spangler, editor of Prairie Farmer magazine, which has handed out the awards since 1925, tells Brownfield the awards…

“Recognize farmers who do both a good job at producing grain and/or livestock, and that’s what they’re raising.”  She says, “But then they also are committing a lot of time to give back to their community, you know, and that may look like serving on their school board or statewide commodity organization or national agriculture commodity organization.”

AUDIO: Holly Spangler – Editor @ Prairie Farmer

This year’s class includes:

 Gerald Thompson, who farms in northern McLean County, echoes all the recipients when he says…

“Just being humbled to think that I’m in that class and it’s truly an honor to be a part of that.”  He says, “A very again humbling experience as you contemplate what that actually means and being a part of that group of people.”

AUDIO: Gerald Thompson

Malcolm and Susan Head farm and raise cattle with their family in Macon County.  Susan says…

“We’ve put in hard work but as we have said all along, we’ve been very blessed the lord has put us in charge of the land and livestock, and we have tried to manage that as best we can and do what we thought was required of us as being those stewards,” she says.

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