Perdue says USDA assisting with coronavirus effort


Perdue says USDA assisting with coronavirus effort

The Secretary of Agriculture says USDA is doing what it can to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Sonny Perdue says, “We’ve already deployed and detailed people to help out in areas where they’re being repatriated,” adding, “Our scientists that deal with viruses in an animal way all of the time are helping in the research looking for any kind of possibilities even vaccines.”

Perdue told reporters at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas the effort includes all federal agencies and a coronavirus task force chaired by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who says the U.S. can expect to see more cases.

International companies and governments are taking precautions.  Cargill, Nestle, and Unilever are among the companies reportedly restricting employee travel.  Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a public health state of emergency.  The Trump Administration says the U.S. has expanded coronavirus screening to include people traveling from China, Italy, South Korea, and Iran.

After last week’s large stock market drop that was attributed to the virus, Wall Street opened Monday trading slightly higher.

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