Veteran farmer sees “wild” 2021 grain market


Veteran farmer sees “wild” 2021 grain market

An Iowa farmer says most of this year’s grain has been marketed in his area.

Wayne Fredericks tells Brownfield he thinks that’s an opportunity.

“Movement in and out of the ethanol plants has been pretty easy so, there’s not long lines there but there’re no piles either,” he said. “The basis is real, real narrow. They’re trying to buy so, I think that’s an opportunity. When you can get basis under a dime up in this country that’s something you look at that’s for sure.”

The Mitchell County farmer says he’s been cautious marketing next year’s crop because he also thinks there’s opportunity there.

“I think there’re some opportunities here especially if it stays dry in South America: in Argentina and we go into the season dry,” Fredericks said. “Wheats going to be affected here if we stay dry; this thing could get kind of wild.”

Fredericks said despite drought conditions, his crops were better this year than in 2019.

Wayne Fredericks Interview

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